Ride like a local. Explore motorcycle roads, track & share rides, get crash detection and much more. Join us, it doesn’t matter what you ride...


"Truly a brilliant idea...their iPhone app is probably one of the best I have ever seen."

"This is one serious app for motorcyclists."

"A safety device every rider should have."

"For group rides, there’s nothing else out there that can give you this functionality."

"EatSleepRIDE has it all for you... It's a great way to stay connected even if you get separated on the open road."

"Perhaps the best feature of EatSleepRIDE is CrashLight — cheap insurance & peace of mind for you and your loved ones."

"Practical and comprehensive new form of help for motorcycle riders."

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Get the EAT SLEEP RIDE ® Motorcycle GPS app

Record, Ride, Share

Record your ride, replay, save and share the route.

Visualize Your Data

Visualize your ride, track your mileage, your speed, lean angle and elevation on a map.

Discover Routes

Discover and share the best motorcycle roads around you. Ride like a local wherever you are; don’t miss epic routes nearby!

Get the EAT SLEEP RIDE ® Motorcycle GPS app

Share Your Story

If you have a motorcycle, you have a story to tell. Quickly and easily create a ride report in real-time. Or simply publish a memorable route. Re-use videos and photos from the vast library in your story.

CRASHLIGHT® In app purchase

CRASHLIGHT is a sophisticated technology that detects a motorcycle crash and notifies selected contacts with emergency information and geo-location via voice, SMS text messaging and email.
CrashLight FAQ’s

Get the EAT SLEEP RIDE ® Motorcycle GPS app

Never Ride Alone

Make yourself visible to meet nearby riders. Or create a private ride and share your location with only your ride group.

Go Private

Privacy features allow you to share your location or control your geo-location visibility. Your recorded ride data is private to the device.

Share Photos

Snap pictures of bikes and share instantly. Browse to explore bikes nearby or from around the world.

Get the EAT SLEEP RIDE ® Motorcycle GPS app

Powerful & Efficient

Efficient and optimized battery usage. Data plan is not required to record your ride.

No Hardware Required

Simple to use. No extra hardware or software is required. Everything happens automatically whether your iOS device is in your hand, in your pocket or on your handlebars.

Android is coming, get notified when it's ready!



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